Polaroid Image/Spectra Camera - Full switch

With its range of control switches and futuristic design, the Polaroid Image/Spectra Full Switch is one of the most advanced instant cameras from the golden age of Polaroid. Its powerful flash and versatility make it perfect for late-night shooting, and its special wide-format film means you can fit more people in the frame – which is good, because when you show up to the party with one of these, everyone’s going to want to be your friend.

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Wide-format photos
Sonar Autofocus
Full switch controls
Science-fiction aesthetic

Polaroid Image/Spectra Camera - Full switch

A new perspective.

Spectra Camera
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About the series

First introduced in the 1980s, Polaroid's Spectra & Image camera systems have a number of technical features and use a special wide-format instant film. As a result, they were popular in a number of professional settings, such as police forensics and medical examinations. Their pop-up designs are pretty cool, too, so if you like your style with a bit of substance, look no further.

Faithfully restored. Lovingly refurbished.

Originals. Remade good as new. All vintage Polaroids are taken apart, serviced, and made whole again by hand. Each camera is worked on by dedicated specialists who ensure a camera’s past adventures, never affects its future life. With you.

Technical Specifications

Polaroid Image/Spectra Camera
Automatic flash (with override)
Sonar Autofocus (with override)
Feet/meters distance selector
Lighten/darken slider
Fitted with protective film shield
Refurbished by Polaroid Originals – may show signs of wear
1 year limited warranty
Due to stock availability, the model you receive may differ from product shown