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Earn points with every purchase and a bunch of easy actions, then redeem them for discounts in our online store!
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How it works: 3 simple steps.

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How to start earning.

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You’ll get 500 points

Make a purchase

100 points for every $1 you spend

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500 points for every follow

Refer a friend

Give 10%, get 10,000 points

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Tell a friend about us, and they’ll get 10% off their first order – plus we’ll give you 10,000 points when they place it.

Win win.
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How do I join the Polaroid Originals Rewards program? +
To sign up and start earning points, simply create an account on our online store. You’ll automatically start earning rewards.

How do I earn Rewards points? +
There are numerous ways to earn Polaroid Originals Rewards points, such as making purchases on our online store, following and liking us on social media, or referring a friend.

How do I redeem my points? +
It’s easy! Simply head over to your account page and click the “Loyalty Program” button, where you’ll see a list of coupons, and how much they cost in Rewards points. If you’ve got enough points, you can exchange them for a coupon code which you can use straight away (don’t worry if you’d rather save it for later – we’ll send you a confirmation email with the coupon code inside as well).

How do I use my coupon code? +
To use your coupon code, simply shop in our online store as you normally would, then enter your code in the Discount field when you get to the checkout. We’ll subtract the discount from your order total, and you can enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling of saving money.

How do I refer a friend? +
Every account in our online store has a unique referral link, which can be found by clicking the Loyalty Program button on your account page. Share that link with your friend, and they’ll get a 10% discount on their first order, and you’ll get 10,000 Rewards points once they place it.

Is there a limit to how many Rewards points I can earn? +
Nope. You’re free to collect Rewards points to your heart’s content, and redeem them whenever you want, for whatever coupon you want.

Do Rewards points and coupon codes expire? +
Nope. Your Rewards points and coupon codes are good for as long as you need them.

Can I use a single coupon code over multiple purchases? +
Unfortunately not. Every coupon code is strictly single-use. So if, for example, you’ve got a $55 coupon code, make sure to only use it for purchases of $55 or more, so you don’t miss out on any savings.