i-Type Color Film Triple Pack

  • Color Film for i-Type 3

    Color Film for i-Type

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Fallen in love with your OneStep camera? Can’t seem to put it down? Shooting left, right and center wherever you go? Then it might be a good idea to load up on instant film. With this Color i-Type Film Triple Pack you get three packs of our Color i-Type Film, optimized for the OneStep 2 and OneStep+, and at a special savings 3-pack price. So now staying ready to shoot is as easy as OneStep 2 3-pack – sorry, we had to do it.


i-Type only. Sorry, 600s.

8 photos per pack

3 packs of film

Time for an upgrade.

About the series

Every instant camera needs a film to go with it, and our i-Type cameras have their own special i-Type film. It's optimized for the OneStep 2, battery-free (which makes it easier on your wallet) and ready to roll.
Works with:

A flash that lasts a lifetime.

Make moments into memories you can hold in your hand. From the viewfinder to your fridge door, Polaroid film chemistry is an instant formula for timeless images.